Federal Aviation Administration---The FAA Online

 A Pilot's Guide to Fly-In Restaurants---Plan your meal stops

 Flight Distances---Trip Planning

 Aviation Web---A Database of United States Flight Schools

 Mountain Flying Tips---Check this one before that ski trip

 FlightSafety International---Always Fly Safe!

  Aviation@Landings---Aviation's Busiest Hub in Cyberspace

 The Southern Aviator ---"Smart Birds Fly South !"

Aircraft Museums

 National Air and Space Museum---Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C

 San Diego Aerospace Museum---San Diego, California

Aircraft Sales

 WINGS Online Home Page---Aircraft Sales Online

 Aircraft Shopper Online---Aircraft Sales Online

 Flying.Net---Aircraft Sales Online

 Welcome to 1st Of Pryor Oklahoma---an Oklahoma bank that is aircraft $avy

Aircraft Manufactures

 Boeing  Beechcraft  Cessna  Learjet  Mooney  Piper  

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